Experience the ancient flavours

Experience your holiday in Sardinia with taste.

The festivals are opportunities to discover the huge variety of typical Sardinian products, fine wines and great folk festivals.

They are a great opportunity to taste the local specialities. During your stay in Sardinia, you will be able to visit the Wine Festival, the Artichoke Festival, the Strawberry Festival, the Wild Boar Festival, the Gnocchetti Galluresi Festival and many more...


Sardinia is famous for its traditional cuisine, which you can taste in the various holiday farms scattered throughout the region. Don't miss out on the legendary Sardinian suckling pig (porceddu).
Here are the most recommended festivals in the area:

  • Agriturismo Muto di Gallura (Aggius)
  • Agriturismo Tuttusoni (Aglientu)
  • L'Agnata di De André (Tempio Pausania)
  • Sa Mandra (Alghero)
  • Li Campesi (Trinità d'Agultu and Vignola) 
Country festivities

In the history of Sardinia, country churches play a fundamental role. Country festivities are usually run on a rotating basis by the church families, who provide the livestock for lunch on the feast day. The most popular are those celebrated between spring and the end of summer.


Trattorias are a great choice if you want to spend less and enjoy genuine Sardinian cuisine and delicious local wine. 

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