Experience the tradition of wine

Tasting Sardinian wines is like savouring history and taking a journey through time.
Sella & Mosca winery (Alghero)

Sella & Mosca is one of the largest estates in Europe. Let us take you on a tour of the history of the place through the historic 1903 cellar; there are several tours to choose from.

Cantina Li Seddi winery (Badesi)

The family business continues the 4-generation long tradition and produces wines of the highest quality. If you happen to be in Badesi, stop by and pick up a bottle of Lagrimedda or Maistrali 2016, which received a Gold Medal in 2019. 

Santa Maria La Palma Winery (Santa Maria La Palma – Alghero)

Near Alghero, there is another famous winery: Santa Maria La Palma. Take a journey through the history, tradition and tasting of the excellent wines produced in this place.

Tenute Delogu (Alghero)

Tenute Delogu is nestled in the Alghero countryside and houses a winery, vineyards and an elegant wine resort. If you are a wine lover, this place is a must. 

Cantina Li Duni

The Cantine Li Duni winery produces wonderful wines. When visiting Sardinia, it is mandatory to try Nonzinnà and Tajani, the famous wines of Badesi. 

Cantine Surrau

The Cantine Surrau winery can be visited in its entirety, and an itinerary to discover the history of the winery awaits you, a unique experience.

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