Experience the history

Experience the history of Sardinia through these magical places.

The village of Aggius hides traces of the prehistoric era that are still present throughout the area surrounding the town. This ancient town located in the Gallura hills hosts two unmissable museums:

  • "Ethnographic Museum Oliva Carta Cannas"
  • "Museum of Banditry"
Nuraghe Palmavera

Do you want to travel back in time? Don't miss one of the largest complexes of the mysterious Nuragic civilization, Nuraghe Palmavera, a few kilometres from Alghero. 

Museo del Corallo di Alghero

Take a journey into the marine ecosystem by visiting the Coral Museum, which tells the whole story of Corallium rubrum.


A great place to visit, especially for those who enjoy walking in nature. A fairytale castle in Anglona, shrouded in legends and myths and reached by a steep path from the Terme di Casteldoria spa. 


Castelsardo is an evocative medieval village and a must-see for all history lovers. Don't miss the Museo dell'Intrecciato Sardo (Museum of Sardinian weaving), housed in an impressive 12th-century military fortress.

Museo Etnografico di Luras

The small village of Luras is home to the Galluras Ethnographic Museum where more than 7000 artefacts relating to life in ancient Galluras are on display. The famous hammer of the "Femina Agabbadora" is also preserved in the museum.

Compendio Garibaldino

The Garibaldi Compendium consists of the house and personal objects owned by Giuseppe Garibaldi and his family. A visit to this place on the island of Caprera will allow you to get to know Garibaldi's life in all its aspects. 

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