Experience ancient traditions

Sardinia is a land rich in folklore and tradition, waiting to be discovered.
Cavalcata sarda

If you find yourself in Sassari on the penultimate Sunday in May, don't miss one of the most beautiful folk events of the year. The parade features traditional costumes from all the towns of Sardinia, groups on horseback, traditional masks such as "Mamunthones" and samples of Sassari's cuisine. 


is one of the most eagerly awaited equestrian events in Sardinia and is part of the Oristano carnival.

The horsemen ('Su componidori') take part in a race with their horses, trying to catch the star with their sword.

During the Sartiglia, you can admire the traditional costumes of horsemen performing their daring acrobatics. 

Carrasciali tempiesu

The Tempiese Carnival, also known as Carrasciali Tempiesu, is one of the largest folk festivals in northern Sardinia, ranking sixth in Italy.

It has been compared to the Viareggio carnival for its abundance of floats on which the locals can be found working all year round. 


The Descent of the Candlesticks is the most important religious procession that hosts many people from all over the world in Sassari every year.

It is said that this festival was born out of a vow made to Our Lady of the Assumption. This is a dancing procession where figures of people from various trades in the village are carried on their shoulders. 

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