The flavours of Sardinia

Sardinia is a cocktail of refined flavours and tastes.

Its cuisine uses simple and authentic ingredients. Here are the tastiest specialities you simply shouldn't miss during your holiday in Sardinia:

OCTOPUS SALAD with potatoes is an excellent Sardinian appetiser. The secret of cooking octopus according to the old tradition was to add 2 corks while it boils in the pot.
MUSSELS GRANITATE is a tasty appetiser prepared in the oven with mussels stuffed with breadcrumbs, parsley, pecorino cheese, garlic and oil.

PLATTER OF SARDINIAN CURED MEATS AND CHEESES offers a wide selection of Sardinian pork cured meats and cheeses such as Sardinian pecorino, capretto and peretta.


SARDINIAN GNOCCHETTI typical Sardinian handmade pasta served with tomato sauce and sausage.


SWEET RAVIOLI pockets filled with fresh ricotta cheese flavoured with cinnamon and sugar and served with tomato sauce.


FREGOLA WITH SEAFOOD – Sardinian fregola is a typical Sardinian pasta, often referred to as the Italian "couscous". Prepared with seafood, it is a delicacy you really must try.

SPAGHETTI WITH SEA URCHINS – Sea urchins are not allowed to be caught all year round and are not always found, making this dish a rare speciality.


ZUPPA GALLURESE – It was also called the "dish of the poor" owing to the simplicity of its ingredients. It is a casserole of bread, lamb broth and pecorino cheese.



SARDINIAN SUCKLING PIG no bigger than 4–6 months cooked in the oven and flavoured with myrtle branches and leaves.


CATALAN STYLE LOBSTER – A typical Alghero dish prepared with boiled lobster seasoned with fresh onion, olive oil and lemon.


LAMB WITH ARTICHOKES AND OLIVES prepared in the oven especially during the holidays.



SEADAS a puff pastry pocket filled with peretta and covered with Sardinian honey.


MYRTLE SORBET a perfect and fresh summer dessert flavoured with traditional myrtle liqueur.



MIRTO a typical Sardinian liqueur obtained by alcoholic maceration of myrtle berries or a mixture of berries and leaves.


FILU 'E FERRU is also known as the traditional "Sardinian brandy".

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